Scott Greenfield Preservation Society

Today is National Stripper Appreciation Day.

Siouxsie was  going to post about this, but she is bumping that post so that she can show her solidarity with her fellow blawgers.

Scott Greenfield, the author of the widely read legal blog Simple Justice, has a cyber stalker:

A couple of weeks ago, an email came in about how the writer had googled [Greenfield’s] name and found some insane, vile posts about [Greenfield] on the second page.  [Greenfield’s] psycho stalker is still working hard through the night trying to get his inane nonsense on the first page of google.

And so, a bunch of blawgers have written posts about Scott Greenfield, and put his name in the title to bump the stalker’s posts from the first pages of a google search.

Siouxsie tips her tiny top hat to Scott Greenfield and sends out this long distance dedication.


~ by siouxsielaw on June 10, 2010.

One Response to “Scott Greenfield Preservation Society”

  1. You should have played something off of Neil Young’s Greendale or Green Day’s American Idiot. You seem to be on a music kick.

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