What Does Dignity Mean To You?

A reader emailed this photo to Siouxsie.  In the picture, an SCI employee is driving one of their funeral/burial transport vehicles.  The reader was unable to determine whether or not someone’s loved one was in the back of the minivan.  For those not familiar with SCI, it stands for Service Corporation International.  They are infamous for owning cemeteries that like to dig up graves to make more space for new customers.  They are the Walmart of funeral homes and cemeteries.   But, you probably have not heard of them because they buy local funeral homes and cemeteries and do business under the local companies’ names. The only way to know if your funeral home or cemetery is SCI-owned, in fact, is to look for the Dignity Memorial logo.

Please note that the employee has the windows down, stereo cranked, a cigarette in one hand and the wheel in the other.  The reader did not know what the driver was listening to.  So, you will have to leave that to your imagination.


~ by siouxsielaw on June 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “What Does Dignity Mean To You?”

  1. Nothing about this picture says dignity to me.

  2. Really now, the Dead wasn’t one of your music choices? We might have to send you back to bloggers school.

  3. Agreed. Truckin’. Or maybe Touch of Grey. Either would be totally far out, man.

  4. If I drove a hearse, I’d be cranking Slayer at all times I was not actually interacting with customers.

    Well, okay, maybe some Mayhem and Immortal to round things off.

  5. You are such a dumbass…….SCI is not the “WALMART” of Funeral Homes…..They own some of the most noteable Funeral Homes in the world….everyone knows that…..they own some of the most valued Funeral Homes….look it up……..That is a bad employee….there are plenty of them in any Industry….anyone with real comon since knows this……the company did not make this mistake….an employee did….witch I am sure no longer even works with SCI……

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