How To Survive a Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

Uncle Terry giving the thumbs up.

Recently, Siouxsie learned that one of her friends came close to being photographed by Terry Richardson.

In case you don’t know who Terry Richardson is, here is what you should know.

Terry Richardson is a photographer who has shot for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar; and created ad campaigns for designers like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Miuccia Prada.

Terry Richardson also is known as the uber-creepy and ultra-pervy photographer who exploits young models.  Jezebel and Godammit, I’m Mad! provide the details on his predatory behavior.

One model, Jamie Peck, wrote about her encounter with Richardson for The Gloss. And according to the NY Post

After meeting Richardson at a party a few years ago, Peck, then 19, stopped by his studio for a shoot, where he asked to be called “Uncle Terry” while shooting her nude. On her second visit, she claims, Richardson got completely naked himself, had his assistant take pictures of Peck taking pictures of him, and eventually requested a sex act.

In the past few months, a lot of young women have spoken out about their experiences with Terry Richardson.  But nothing has changed.  And it is likely that nothing will (people still work with Roman Polanski).   Just recently, Terry Richardson caused an uproar with an especially pervy shoot published in The Journal.  Uncle Terry continues to get published and agencies continue to send young girls to pose for him.

This situation calls for a practical non-legal solution.  Siouxsie Law has devised a plan should you ever find yourself on a shoot with Uncle Terry.

First, here are some red flags to look out for when on a shoot with Uncle Terry:

1.  He gives you the camera so that you can take photos of him.

3.  He asks you to call him Uncle Terry.

4.  He gets naked.

5.  You perform a sex act with/for/on Uncle Terry.

Here are a few items to bring to the photo shoot to prevent any of the above:

1.  Patchouli oil and/or garlic;

2.  Orthodontic device;

3. Knitting supplies;

4.  Aluminum water bottle; and

5.  Running sneaks

And here is the perfect plan to get you through a shoot with Uncle Terry:

1.  Douse yourself with garlic and patchouli.  Odds are Terry Richardson is part vampire.  And he doesn’t seem to be goth or hippie.  This combination of scents will repel him (like deet to mosquitoes).

2.  Put in your orthodontic device to make it difficult to utter the name Uncle Terry and/or do other things orally.

3.  During breaks, use your knitting supplies to keep your hands busy.  Plus, no one hits on a woman knitting a scarf in June.  Knitting needles are also a good self-defense weapon (remember to aim for the heart).

4.  Use your water bottle to stay hydrated and so that you can decline any drinks Uncle Terry offers you.  You can also use the aluminum bottle to whack Uncle Terry.

5.  Lace up your sneaks to make a quick getaway.

6.  If all else fails, play dead. (On second thought, this probably a bad idea with Uncle Terry.)


~ by siouxsielaw on May 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “How To Survive a Terry Richardson Photo Shoot”

  1. I hope that “Uncle” Terry doesn’t read your site and catch on to these tricks.

  2. I added your link to my blog.

    TY 😉

  3. […] Terry Richardson supposed to be a supreme ultra-pervy douchebag that nobody wanted to be associated with? How is he racking up all these super-legit, hot-as-hell […]

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