Siouxsie Law Endorses Elana Kagan

Justice Kagan, get ready for your close up.

Siouxsie usually doesn’t have a strict litmus test as to what she thinks makes a good Supreme Court nominee.   But one thing is for sure, Siouxsie wants television in the Court.  And Ms. Kagan is in favor of broadcasting arguments at the Court.   (source)  This is a good thing.

Is there any reason why the American public shouldn’t have access to proceedings at the nation’s highest court?  Nope.

But yet, the Supreme Court has continued to move in the wrong direction.

In January, the Supreme Court signaled its disdain for cameras in the courtroom when it barred video-streaming of  the trial in federal court in San Francisco concerning Proposition 8, the ballot initiative in California outlawing same-sex marriage.  (source)

And even though the Supreme Court releases same-day audio of its own hearings for selected cases — this term the Court denied every request.   “In every term since John G. Roberts Jr. became chief justice in 2005, the court has denied a greater percentage of requests.”  (source)

There is no good reason why these proceedings shouldn’t be open to everyone.  One can only hope that Ms. Kagan will be able to sway the Court on this.   This is an issue that everyone can get behind.

Stay tuned.


~ by siouxsielaw on May 18, 2010.

One Response to “Siouxsie Law Endorses Elana Kagan”

  1. I hope they do televise arguments. It is about time.

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