McQ Does Goth Meets Grunge

Here are a few selections from the Fall 2010 McQ by McQueen collection (Alexander McQueen’s secondary line).   The collection is kind of blah.

But the mix-and-match look, bjork hair buns, and chunky-heeled combat boots are  fun.  The makeup is fantastic.  And it is refreshing to see a somewhat new spin on grunge.  Without McQueen, though, the whole thing seems bittersweet, dark and sad.  Somehow, it just doesn’t work.

These particular photographs and the styling are lovely, but still miss the mark.  The problem with the line can be boiled to to this:  Brown?  WTF?  Brown will not be making its way into Siouxsie’s closet this Fall.


~ by siouxsielaw on May 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “McQ Does Goth Meets Grunge”

  1. The girl in the bottom pic looks like her outfit is making her sad. 😦 Maybe, she had to borrow the boots from her sister or something.

  2. this collection is completely bizarre and not in what i would think is in keeping with the kind of work he was producing when he was alive. i’m wondering if we have a tupac thing going on here, where there’s just some shred of a scribble of a note somewhere that has been turned into an outfit to cash in on his name.

    (ok, the tupac thing = i swear, every time that man breathed or said two words into a microphone, his estate stitched it together with some samples and studio musicians to make a song to cash in. as someone who spent a lot of time in recording studios, obviously he leaves behind a bunch of random recordings that didn’t amount to much. his original material that he actually wrote and intended to have released is actually really good; the stuff that came after really isn’t. but can you actually expect an artist to be responsible for work made in their name after they’re dead? sounds like a cause for siouxsie to take up.)

  3. Amy, I too am wondering what the story is behind this collection. I haven’t been able to track down any information.

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