Siouxsie Law’s PSA — Don’t Polish and Drive

Even using Manglaze, your nails won't look this good if you do them behind the wheel.

I’m legal blogger and nail polish expert Siouxsie Law.

You may remember me from such websites as Above the Law, Overlawyered, and F*ckYeahPrettyNails.

I want to warn you about the dangers of applying your nail polish while driving.  Sure, once when I was younger, I gave myself a complete french manicure and pedicure (with gel overlays) while driving on a road trip to Montreal.  Who hasn’t?

But, I am here to tell you that polishing and driving is dangerous and dumb.  If you are applying nail polish while driving, you might be distracted and a little less alert.  This puts you and everyone else on the road in danger.   So, please don’t polish and drive.  Get a manicure.

If you don’t believe me, then read about this case.

Tiny top-hat tip to Manglaze.

Photo credit:  Siouxsie Law

Bonus (and Unrelated) Video:  Hello I’m Troy McClure, You May Remember Me From . . .


~ by siouxsielaw on May 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Siouxsie Law’s PSA — Don’t Polish and Drive”

  1. Hey – this is a little off-topic, but I’m curious…
    It’s often hard to find Simpsons’ clips on youtube, as youtube pulls them nearly as quickly as they are posted. However, there is a rumor going around a lot of webby people I know (and apparently, the poster of this video has heard it) that if you flip an image so that what you get is a mirror image, somehow you’re not breaking copyright (that’s why all the text in this video is backwards). This doesn’t sound kosher to me, but there are a lot of people who believe it.

    Any thoughts, Siouxsie?

    • I wouldn’t think so, but now that you mention it there are a lot of videos that have been flipped. Sounds like a good idea for a blog post.

      By the way, you have crushed my hopes that the Simpson’s creator allowed this clip on youtube because he has such a strong vegetarian agenda.

  2. Nice nails. I’m glad you didn’t do them while driving.

  3. acrylic nail polish are the best stuff that you can use when polishing your nails:~`

  4. nail polish that are acrylic based seems to last longer on my finger nails compared to water based ones -`”

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