Minx Manicure

Siouxsie is a minx. What else can she say?

Today Siouxsie got her first Minx manicure. She highly recommends it if you like shiny steel claws. Like any manicure, it takes a long time. For Siouxsie, it gave her plenty of time to think about what wave feminist she is. She never did sort that one out though. She got too caught up in looking at how hot her nails look.


~ by siouxsielaw on April 4, 2010.

13 Responses to “Minx Manicure”

  1. Nice nails Siouxsie B. Anthony.

  2. so beautiful. and different.

  3. third wave. i think.

  4. Who are you and why did you take the name of a one-and-only original? Using the name Siouxsie is akin to using the name Madonna (who I think is crap).

    • I am a goth blawger. One of the only ones. You make some good points in your comment. But I don’t know if I agree with your use of parentheticals. Also, Madonna doesn’t have a last name, so it is not quite the same thing. Madonna is more like Cher, El Cid, or Eminem. I was going to go with Siouxsie Sue, but I also defend, not just sue. And it seemed pretty lame.

  5. Well it seems then that you take the name on for love of the woman, so who can really argue with that?

  6. Oh, any by the way, the nail job is fantastic!

  7. Another BTW: When I said ‘who are you?’, I didn’t mean that in a ‘who the f*** are you?’ sort of way.

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