Update: Pfizer Scientist Awarded $1.37 Million for Retaliation

Congrats to Ms. McClain for winning her whistle blower case.

After a three-week trial, a federal jury awarded a former Pfizer scientist $1.37 million.  (source)  Becky McClain asserted that Pfizer violated whistleblower laws and her freedom of speech by terminating her employment after she complained about safety hazards.  The jury also found that McClain is entitled to punitive damages.

Before trial began, the Court threw out McClain’s main claim that Pfizer had exposed her to a virus manufactured at the lab, and that as a result she now suffers from bouts of paralysis.

Siouxsie previously blogged about this case here.

A link to the verdict sheet is here.

Just looking at the whopping number of pleadings filed in this case, it makes Siouxsie wonder how one individual and a small firm could have the stamina to go the distance against Pfizer.

Stay tuned.  The case is continuing.  Punitive damages have not been awarded yet, and Pfizer will likely file a motion to ask the court to overturn the jury’s verdict.

Bonus Fun Fact:  As of this posting, Pfizer’s market cap value is $139.29 billion (give or take a few dollars).   So the size of the award in this case will likely have no impact on Pfizer.  It is just spare change to them.

Bonus Video:  Boy Least Likely To — Every Goliath Has Its David


~ by siouxsielaw on April 3, 2010.

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