Goth Spring Fever?

Threes A Charm Skirt by Anna Sui for
Anthropologie — $118 A “green motif”
floral print skirt.  Por qué?  Dios Mio!

Sarah Vine of the Times Online UK edition has an article that begins,

This bright spring weather always brings out the Goth in me. All those cheery summer catalogues plopping onto my doormat, pictures of white-teethed girls urging me to stock up on sarongs and thongs. Next thing you know, the whole world will start smelling of fake tan, and cosy evenings in will be replaced by freezing alfresco dining.

At times like these, there is only one response: a lot of defiantly murky black eye make-up.

Siouxsie’s sentiments exactly.  Siouxsie, herself, suffers from a pastel allergy.

So, Siouxsie needed a quick smokey-eye makeup fix, and thought you might too.  Here is a mostly fun (albeit way too long) tutorial.  It is worth sticking with it, the result is oh so pretty.

The action gets hot and heavy at 2:06 when she applies her foundation.  And kudos to the makeup artist/model.  At 7:15 into the video, she is confronted with everyone’s great fear when applying a smokey eye:  she is not edgy; she is Avril Lavigne.   And yet she maintains her composure and pushes on through.  Siouxsie is intrigued by final flourish at the end of the video at 11:17, but does not think she will wear face beads out and about (or even in her own lair).


~ by siouxsielaw on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “Goth Spring Fever?”

  1. the only thing that makes me goth about the bright colorful skirt is the price. otherwise, love the demo!

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