New York Fashion Week Spotlight — ThreeAsFour


Siouxsie thinks you should check out ThreeAsFour’s Fall 2010 collection.  It is chock full of creepy cyborg goodness.

The pieces aren’t overly conceptual; they can be worn, but they aren’t for everyone. Indeed, they are for the future…or anyone who dares wear a bodysuit that makes an American Apparel one look like some shapeless, ill-made rag only fit to be used as a squeegee for washing the car.  [Source]

Siouxsie read that the models all donned half-moon metallic-matte manicures.  Awesome.

On the right are pieces of fabrics that inspired the nails on the left.

Siouxsie must immediately get herself some metallic-matte half-moon nails.

ThreeAsFour is known for experimental and avant-garde designs, as well as their unique shows.

Unfortunately, Siouxsie couldn’t find a video from last week’s fashion week. The YouTube Gods just answered Siouxsie’s prayer and posted video highlights from the Fall 2010 show.

But And here is a video of their Spring 2010 collection.  They collaborated with Yoko Ono on that one.  (Warning — video mildly NSFW):

The ThreeAsFour label consists of three designers, Gabriel (Gabi) Asfour, Adi Gil, and Angela (Ange) Donhauser, who come from Lebanon, Israel and Tajikistan, respectively.

photo credit fall 2010 collection:;

photo credit nails:


~ by siouxsielaw on February 21, 2010.

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