Brazil Meets Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku street-fashion invaded Brazil at São Paolo Fashion Week; and it looks fun!

Triton, a Brazilian clothing brand, received a lot of praise for its Harajuku-style inspired 2010 Fall/Winter collection.  Harajuku style, by the way, is known for the mixing and matching of different styles from all different decades; layering, lots and lots of layering; and embellishing with a ton of outrageous accessories.   

Triton’s collection, which was designed by Karen Fuke, made a good effort at incorporating Harajuku’s playful elements.  Siouxsie wishes the collection was more over-the-top though.  The makeup, hair, and accessories could have been amped up.  But while there were some misses, there were definitely some hits

For example, this black ensemble with cobweb-patterned tights just works.  The tall black boots are pretty great too. 

Fun fact:  Lovefoxxx (singer of band CSS) used to work for Triton.  In addition to developing some patterns for the show, Lovefoxxx also worked as the art director and sound stylist for the event.

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~ by siouxsielaw on February 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Brazil Meets Harajuku Fashion”

  1. Awesome stuff!! Thanks for sharing this with us!! I love the fluoro tutu skirts underneath the black shiny PVC dresses. And the wrapped legs. And must find out where the boots and shoes with the great platforms are from.

  2. I wish I spoke Portuguese. I love to hear the designer’s explanation of the collection.

  3. i love this so muchiiiiii!!…utiful-exports/

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