Orthodox Policewoman Receives $500,000 Payout to Settle Religious Discrimination Claim

Shiksa Policewoman Angie Dickinson

Disclaimer:   Even though Siouxsie has no real command of the Yiddish language, Siouxise will attempt to work into this post some of her grandmother’s Yiddish.

“Orthodox Policewoman” — it would have been a great television series.  Imagine Sarah Silverman cast as the title character.  And Wanda Sykes or Mo’Nique cast as her mismatched hard-boiled veteran partner.  But no such luck.  Unfortunately, there is no real-life story on which to base the series.

Baile Glauber, the first Orthodox Jewish policewoman of Ramapo, New York, quit the force this week.  In exchange for her resignation and in settlement for a religious discrimination claim, she received a “$190,000 payout and the town paying her $285,000 in legal fees.”  The attorney for the town “decided it would likely cost taxpayers less money to buy out Glauber and pay her legal bills than to defend a federal lawsuit.”  (Source)

The article reports that Baile Glauber had only worked for the force for six months, most of which she spent on desk duty because of an ankle injury.  Claiming that the department had given her a difficult time about taking Jewish Holidays and the Shabbos off, Ms. Glauber filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) for religious discrimination.  The department denied the allegations.

As is typical, the EEOC made no finding of discrimination and issued Ms. Glauber a “right to sue” letter, which means she could file an action in court.

Apart from the merits of the claim, Siouxsie is all fachadick.  The article reports that the town is paying Ms. Glauber $285,000 for legal fees.  Outrageous!  Siouxsie would love to know who the attorneys are that represented Ms. Glauber.  What in G-d’s name are their hourly rates?  There is no way an EEOC complaint could rack up a $285,000 legal bill.  It’s a shande!

Feh!  Something is seriously amiss here.


~ by siouxsielaw on January 23, 2010.

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  1. A Jewish Goth Lawyer.

    I think we can safely say you own this niche.

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