Shøe Pørn — Jeffrey Campbell Booties

Jeffrey Campbell Clinic X-Ray Booties

Ahh.  Siouxsie spotted Jeffrey Campbell’s Clinic X-Ray booties on Haute Macabre.  They look like they were sent from a type of cool Goth future.  One that Siouxsie would like to take part in.  They are penta-buckled; silver and black with four-inch wedge heels.  What more could you want?

They are completely versatile.  Wear them in any season.  Just look:

As pictured on Haute Macabre’s Shoeturday’s post. These are perfect for spring or summer.

But look how adorable they are with cable tights in the snow.

These photos are from a blog called Flawless Mistake.

Awww.   Siouxsie must have these shoes.  Sadly, they are sold out everywhere on the interweb; and Siouxsie currently can’t bring herself to pay double retail (or risk counterfeit) on fleaBay.

So, if any readers know anyone who owns a pair but can no longer house them due to limited closet space, loss of job, and/or death, please have them contact  Siouxsie will provide a caring and mostly smoke-free home for them.  They will be loved.


~ by siouxsielaw on January 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Shøe Pørn — Jeffrey Campbell Booties”

  1. those are beautiful! i love them with tights, too. it’d be a cool idea to see a full-length boot of those shoes.. if you ever happen to maybe stumble upon these or kidnap them or what have you, i expect to see an awesome post.

  2. There is a full-length version of the Clinic wedges, although it loses its charm without the many buckles:

  3. OMG. The full-length ones are amazing. Although I agree, not quite as charming. But if I get my hands (or feet) on either of these, there will definitely be a post. I just need to find them . . . The full-length ones are sold out too. 😦

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