TSA Snow-Globe Ban May Not Be Enough to Protect Us

The most beautiful and eerie snow globe ever.  The entire collection is at this link.

Siouxsie loves snow globes (especially creepy ones).

Siouxsie hates the idea of getting blown to bits by one.

Last month, TSA banned snow globes.  That means, no snow globe gets past security checkpoints at airports in the United States.

The reason is that the globes contain liquids, and TSA rules say that only liquids, gels or aerosols in containers of three ounces or less are allowed through security in carry-on bags. . . .

And everyone knows that snow globes contain a lot more than three ounces of liquid.

At the time though, this snow-globe ban seemed to be a silly overreach.  Al-Qaeda could not possibly know the magical wonders of snow globes.  But in light of the attempted  bombing by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab aboard a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas Day, this ban seems ridiculously prescient and not at all silly.

While it pains Siouxsie to check her snow globes with her luggage, she would much rather do so than risk a snow-globe attack.

The TSA’s snow-globe ban and attempted Christmas Day bombing have made Siouxsie think more about the arbitrary amount of liquid that TSA permits you to carry on.  The current “three-ounce rule” only serves to make it more difficult to bring explosives or accelerants on board.  Nothing about it prevents people from plotting to combine their three-ounce bottles once they are past the security checkpoint.

A bright-light rule is in order.  A complete ban on liquids may not be popular, but it would be consistent and make sense.

Of course the liquid ban still doesn’t prevent people from using their bodies to get these materials past security.  The would-be Christmas bomber used a “highly explosive substance called PETN” that he carried strapped to his leg “in a soft plastic container – possibly a condom . . . .”  To stop that, we need airport scanners like TSA’s controversial whole-body imaging machines that can see through clothes.

Siouxsie’s knee-jerk reaction — ban all liquids, and let’s get some real scanners at our airports.


~ by siouxsielaw on December 27, 2009.

One Response to “TSA Snow-Globe Ban May Not Be Enough to Protect Us”

  1. […] blogged about the ban at this link.  The sign pictured above is part of the TSA’s on-going efforts to deal with the snow globe […]

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