Profile In Courage: Theodora “Thea” Michaels, Esq.


By now you probably have heard that a Massachusetts high-school principal outlawed the word “meep.”   As reported by the  Salem News, the principal robocalled all parents warning them that if students said or displayed the word “meep” at school, they could face suspension.  The principal said he banned the word because students were using it to disrupt school and were organizing a joint “meep.”

This story made national and international news last week.

After seeing this story in the news, Theodora “Thea” Michaels, an entertainment lawyer, took matters into her own hands.  Ms. Michaels sent an e-mail to Principal Thomas Murray ( ), Assistant Principal Mark Strout ( ), Assistant Principal Cornelia Varoudakis ( ), and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lisa Dana ( ).

The e-mails subject line said (in full), “Meep.”  The body said (in full), “Meep.”

In response, Ms. Michaels received an e-mail that threatened police action.


Ms. Michaels documented the incident on her blog. Since then, her e-mail has been the subject of many legal blogs.

And so far the response is unanimous, the principal’s actions were completely asinine.  And Ms. Michael’s rocks for meeping.

But Siouxsie wanted to point out that Ms. Michaels was cool long before this meep story broke.

Just check out her bio:

Ms. Michaels is a singer and bass guitarist.  She hosted a heavy metal show on her college radio station called  Thea’s “Hunter From Hell.”  Ms. Michaels also interned at Infinity Broadcasting‘s FM radio powerhouse K-Rock, and contributed to local music publications on the NYC scene.  After college, Ms. Michaels worked for a record label and then went to law school.  During law school, she interned at a law firm that represented the estates of rock legends such as Frank Zappa.

She sings and plays bass in the NYC rock band the Curse.

She tweets in haiku.

She did legal work on Vampira The Movie.

Siouxsie is in awe.   So, Siouxsie is sending Ms. Michaels a black rose bouquet from Etsy to show her thanks and appreciation.  You can probably guess what Siouxsie’s message on the card will be.

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~ by siouxsielaw on November 18, 2009.

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