Above the Law(Suit)


Photo Credit -- Andrew Jian

Siouxsie is a big fan of  Above the Law (last week they featured one of Siouxsie’s posts!).

Siouxsie is heartsick to report that Donald Marvin Jones, a University of Miami Law professor, is suing Above the Law (“ATL”) (or more specifically the editor David Lat, the publisher David Minkin, and the parent company Dead Horse Media (nice name by the way)).

You probably didn’t know who Professor Jones is before reading this.  Or if you did, you probably had forgotten about him until now.

ATL ran a series of blog posts on Professor Jones in late 2007 after an incident in which he was stopped by police on suspicion of trying to solicit sex from a prostitute for $20.   The charges were eventually dropped.

Professor Jones accuses ATL of racism, portraying him in a false light when ATL nicknamed him the “nutty professor,” and characterized him as a  “dope dealer” and/or a “pimp”; violating his privacy by publishing the incident report; and violating the university’s copyright on his faculty photograph.  He seeks $22 million in damages.

Professor Jones drafted his own complaint.  Unfortunately for Professor Jones, it appears that he modeled his complaint off of Judge Roy L. Pearson Jr.’s infamous $54 million lost-pants suit.  Or maybe he found inspiration in Orly Taitz’s birther lawsuit.  Either way, Professor Jones’ Above the Law suit is sure to go down in infamy.

In shameless attempt to curry favor and fit in with her fellow law bloggers,  Siouxsie is both piling on Professor Jones and jumping on the band wagon.  Siouxsie agrees that Professor Jones’s lawsuit is frivolous and without merit.   See, e.g, New York Personal Injury Law Blog; The Business Insider; Copyrights and Campaigns Blog; the Volokh Conspiracy; andMenage A Law.

Professor Jones seeks to recover damages and to clear his name.  But by filing this lawsuit he has put himself squarely at the center of the legal blogging universe again.  Instead of minimizing this event, Professor Jones has just chopped the ATL head off the law blog hydra.  Now Professor Jones can read about himself  in New York Personal Injury Law Blog; The Business Insider; Copyrights and Campaigns Blog; the Volokh Conspiracy; Menage A Law; National Law Journal; Florida Legal Blog; Law and More; Point of Law; ABA Journal; Blogonaut; Wall Street Journal Law Blog; etc.*

*Above the Law is keeping an updated list all the posts on their lawsuit.



Professor Jones voluntarily dismissed this case on November 4, 2009.  Congrats to Mr. Randazza.


~ by siouxsielaw on November 3, 2009.

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