Update: Correspondence from Bryan A. Garner


Siouxsie's Garner's Modern American Usage

Siouxsie is speechless.  Today she received another e-mail from none other than Mr. Bryan A. Garner.  This time he has nothing but good news to report.  More important, Mr. Bryan A. Garner gives Siouxsie Law an endorsement (sort of, kind of).  He describes the blog as “interesting.”  High praise indeed!

Siouxsie’s practice pointer #2:  If you are going to send a lighthearted e-mail to Mr. Bryan A. Garner or any other genius, be sure to have a usage expert proofread the e-mail first and/or make sure you understand the use of phrasal adjectives.  It is unwise to get into a written exchange with such a person.
Siouxsie could not help but post this once-in-a-lifetime e-mail:
Dear Siouxsie,
Thanks for your response! The appeal succeeded in
taking GMAU3 from #4,000 on Amazon.com to a high
of #280. It was #1 in dictionaries for a time, and #3 in
editing resources. And the book received a good deal of
positive attention as a result. Many thanks for your support.
Now what the major chains will do is perhaps still a
ticklish matter . . .
Interesting blog. Congrats on that.

Bryan A. Garner
LawProse, Inc.
14180 Dallas Parkway
Suite 280
Dallas, TX 75254
(214) 691-8588


~ by siouxsielaw on October 30, 2009.

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