Siouxsie’s Practice Pointer #1 — Find a friend to act out scenes from a movie in your private life, but don’t try to hire someone to do so at your law firm.

secretarySiouxsie is sure that you have heard the reports that an attorney, Samir Chowhan, posted an ad on Craigslist in the “Adult Gigs” section seeking to hire someone as a secretary/prostitute.   According to the complaint against him, he requested someone that would perform both secretary and paralegal work as well as “additional duties for two lawyers in the firm.”   He requested that applicants send in pictures and measurements along with their resume.

When a woman responded to the ad, Mr. Chowhan sent an e-mail to her stating:

“[Y]ou would be required to have sexual interaction with me and my partner, sometimes together, sometimes separate . . . .

“[W]e’ve decided that as part of the interview process you’ll be required to perform sexually . . . I think it’s necessary to see if you can do that, because it’ll predict future behavior of you being able to handle it when you have the job.”

Not surprising, the e-mail scared the living daylights out of the applicant and she promptly sent it to the disciplinary commission.

Although Mr. Chowhan originally denied posting the ad, he now admits that he posted the listing and sent the e-mail.  He claims he was just checking to see if anyone would reply.

Siouxsie is shocked that Mr. Chowhan posted such a listing and sent such an incriminating e-mail.  But Siouxsie is even more shocked that none of the articles on this topic have pointed out that apparently Mr. Chowhan was trying to recreate scenes from the movie Secretary.  In that movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as a young woman recently released from a mental hospital.  After her release from the mental hospital, she seeks employment as a secretary.  The woman is eventually hired by a demanding attorney played by James Spader.  The attorney is incredibly creepy, and you can tell immediately that he’s more than a little kinky.   In the movie, the relationship between the attorney and secretary blossoms.  Eventually, they fall in love and live happily ever after.  It is a sort of fairytale for the BDSM legal community.  Apparently, Mr. Chowhan’s reboot of the film was not as successful as the original.

Siouxsie’s Practice Pointer:   Find a friend to act out scenes from a movie in your private life, but don’t try to hire someone to do so at your law firm.


~ by siouxsielaw on October 24, 2009.

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