Oh the Horror – Unclaimed Bodies Continue to Pileup in Morgues across the United States

morgue 3

It is sad but true — in these tough economic times many people cannot afford to give their dead a proper burial.  Or even bury them at all.  Dreadfully, bodies are now piling up at morgues across the country.  Even worse, some state and local governments cannot afford to pitch in.  And so, these bodies will continue to accumulate.  According to one article in the New York Daily News, requests for government-funded funerals has spiked at an alarming rate.  In Los Angeles, the number of people asking for government funds to pay for funerals has increased by 97% from January 2009 to June.

Siouxsie says this is inexcusable.  Cities and states must enact proper programs to make sure that no one ever gets stuck in a freezer for eternity.

In the meantime, Siouxsie gives the following pointers to avoid this fate:

*    Try to die in a month when the demand for funeral services is low.  Perhaps the summer or a temperate spring.  Your loved ones may get a good deal that way.
*    Don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones to shop for a bargain.
*    Consider green burials; not only are they economical, they are quite trendy and quaint.  Should you choose to go this route, Siouxsie suggests finding a burlap sack in black.
*    Maybe you are lucky and come from a family of do-it-yourselfers.  If so, contact Crossings.Net.
*    If all else fails, try to die in a state that will publicly fund your funeral.  Remember, if no one identifies you, you don’t have to be a resident to get the free burial!


~ by siouxsielaw on October 17, 2009.

One Response to “Oh the Horror – Unclaimed Bodies Continue to Pileup in Morgues across the United States”

  1. This is very informative. I’m going to let Raymond know all about these good tips. I wish you had mentioned which states pay to bury people. Also, how do you apply for federal burial assistance. I hope the Republicans don’t get wind of that — sounds like a death tax to me.

    Love it.

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